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Expand your small business offering with a fully customizable platform to unlock new revenue opportunities and increase client loyalty.

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Built for partners and loved by SMBs

inTandem isn’t only built on powerful technology.
It’s built on something much harder to engineer. Experience.

All the features for your SMB clients

The complete business management solution for small businesses

Years of experience have taught us what small business owners really need. Our digital tools simplify and automate daily tasks so your SMBs can focus on growth, not day-to-day business management.

Complete SMB solution

Calendar & Scheduling

Help your SMB clients enjoy better-organized and highly productive workdays with easy scheduling, appointment & calendar management.


Give your clients a full CRM, so they can build long-lasting relationships with their clients, streamline communication, and keep important client information organized.

Billing & Invoicing

Offer your clients a complete payment management solution that will help them get their hard-earned money in the bank. Seamless payment processing, billing, and invoicing.


Empower businesses to capture, nurture, and convert more leads with easy-to-use email and SMS marketing campaigns that don’t require design or development.

Why partner with us?

We’ve been working hand-in-hand with partners and servicing small businesses for over a decade. And all that experience, knowledge and learning is built into inTandem.

MAU growth 27%

Unlock success for you and your clients. It’s a win-win.

Offer inTandem’s tried-and-tested tools and you’ll transform your clients’ day-to-day. But it’s not only their business that will take off. Designed to deepen loyalty and reduce churn, inTandem is built to increase the value of your existing clients.

Say yes to more business, more often.

No one wants to watch opportunities pass them by. Integrate inTandem into your existing offering and seize the business that felt frustratingly out of reach. Cross-sell. Upsell. Completely new contracts. inTandem makes it possible.

Average new business uplift 67.2%
ARPU growth +29%

Be more relevant. More competitive. More you.

Flexible, intuitive inTandem enhances your existing offering, making what you already have work so much better. And because it’s refreshingly customizable, inTandem is the easiest way to make your hard-earned USP extra unique.

Designed for you to be different

Every partner needs something different from a platform. And it’s why so many partners choose inTandem. Fully flexible and customizable, inTandem is deliberately designed to support your distinct needs and strategy.

Open API

You want to offer the most seamless user experience possible. That’s why inTandem’s open API infrastructure and design system lets you bring any service or app into our native UX.

Your own go-to-market

Freemium? Tiered pricing? InTandem’s flexible pricing and packaging tools let you provide the commercial offer that best suits your business. And your clients.

Branded you

Brand matters. As a co-branded and white-labeled platform, inTandem makes your brand the hero at every touchpoint. From the platform itself through to micro-client interactions.

Easy adoption

Engagement is key. We’ve learned that over the past decade working with SMBs. It’s why we help your clients leverage everything inTandem has to offer through impactful multi-channel campaigns.

Simplify icon

Data = Knowledge

Deepening client relationships starts with truly understanding them. And with inTandem you’ll have invaluable insights and data-rich reports that will help you identify the most effective cross and up-sell opportunities.

Hands on help

We’re all about working hand-in-hand with you towards success. It’s why all the professional services you could need, from custom development, training, support, marketing & sales initiatives to customer success, are here for you.

How inTandem works

Experience is everything

Our expert partnership team works for you. From training and onboarding to creating powerful new marketing and sales initiatives, they’re here to help you succeed.

partners team

Plug in your existing services and develop your own custom apps

What our partners say about us

“They are helping us reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction. They have emerged as a true partner and key player within our business.”
“vcita is more than just a technical collaboration partner. They go above and beyond, sharing know-how and equipping us with powerful tools that make a significant impact on our business.”
“With the Sitee solution we could really move up the value chain and be more embedded in the SMB ecosystem. That was a clear answer to deliver more ROI to the SMB.”

Choose the right program for your business

For companies serving SMBs that are looking to launch their own solution.

inTandem Pro

Leverage our award-winning technology to create your own unique SMB solution. And take it to market with your skilled teams.

Best for:

Organizations with teams experienced in selling and supporting SaaS products.

inTandem Complete

Let the inTandem team become an extension of your business. We bring your solution to market and manage the marketing, sales, and support on your behalf.

Best for:

Organizations that serve SMBs looking to expand their offering with SaaS products

Channel Partners

Not ready to launch your own solution? Check out our referral or reseller program.

Expand your SMB solution portfolio and offer your SMB clients our best-in-class business management solution they will love.


  • How will my organization benefit from partnering with inTandem?

    Our partners leverage the inTandem platform to expand their SMB proposition and offer their clients a full business management solution that serves the business’s core needs: CRM, billing, time management, and client communication. By delivering such services with their own White Labeled solution, our partners enjoy a significant uplift in client engagement and loyalty, reduce churn, and increase ARPA through various upsell paths and product monetization opportunities.
  • Can I integrate inTandem with other services I offer?

    inTandem is built as an open platform and enables partners to easily integrate their own apps and services to create one seamless user experience. Our developer hub offers detailed documentation that helps partners leverage our APIs to build their own unique solutions. Many inTandem partners integrate and serve their own apps within inTandem’s core business management solution, increasing adoption of digital products and diversifying revenue.
  • What type of SMBs is inTandem a good fit for?

    inTandem is designed to support a wide range of SMBs and cover a broad spectrum of use cases. Many of the platform’s users are service providers and appointment based businesses, such as home services providers, finance & legal professionals, healthcare & wellness practitioners, coaches & consultants, beauty salons, fitness businesses and more. Many elements of the platform are customized according to the user’s profession and workflows, making vcita a vertical-agnostic business management solution.
  • What type of support, training and onboarding is provided?

    inTandem offers a full suite of partner services including training, sales certification, and ongoing enablement. Our highly experienced partner team stands ready to support you every step of the way.
  • How many languages is the platform available in?

    inTandem is currently available in 9 different languages. Additional languages can be added very easily to our platform.
  • I have more questions, how can I reach you?

    Please fill out the form to reach out to our partnership experts to learn more about our various partnership opportunities.