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Bring your vision to life without starting from scratch.
With inTandem’s partner solution you can build, launch, and monetize solutions tailored to the SMB market. Build your offering on our experience. The possibilities are limitless.

inTandem partner tools

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Combine inTandem’s best-selling business management solution with your own services and applications. Provide an entire ecosystem of SMB tools through one digital front door.

Building a partner solution

Open APIs

InTandem’s open platform enables seamless integrations with partners’ native services and application through various connectors and integration points.

Developers apps

Gain independence and allow your teams to develop and connect components with inTandem’s developer tools and detailed documentation.

Flexible Packaging

Bundle features to create subscription packages tailored to the unique needs of your customers. We’ll help you build an upsell flow that will maximize results.

User Creation

Design your account creation flow: leveraging APIs and custom-built user registration flows for automated or manual registration.


Use account templates and pre-sets to optimize user onboarding, minimize manual customization, and reduce overhead in your fulfillment process.


Take your solutions to market. Deliver great value to your clients. Exceed your business goals.

Easy to manage partner solution

Operators Portal

Manage user accounts through a sleek user management portal.


Monitor your business goals with real-time dashboards for a full breakdown of user creation and activity.


Showcase your brand’s look and feel throughout the user journey, maximizing brand visibility and growing perceived value.

User Resources

Support your users with knowledge-based articles, how-to guides, regular product updates and best practices.


Get your sales teams trained and certified by our experienced team of partner training experts, with invaluable marketing materials.


Unlock new revenue potential with an expanded SaaS proposition that compliments your offering and generates upsell opportunities.

Monetizing additional SMB offering

Subscriptions sales

Finesse your GTM strategy and create license packages optimized for your target market.

In-App Purchases

Plug, sell, and bill for applications through the platform’s integrated appmarket.

Payment Processing

Help your clients get paid and collect processing fees with branded payment processing services.

Data Driven Upsells

Leverage data to identify trends and personalize offers, enabling you to offer the right service to the right client, when they need it most.

Bring your own unique proposition to life

Build your complete offering on our experience.