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How inTandem Pro serves your business

Use our technology as the foundation of your solution

inTandem Pro’s open API allows you to integrate our platform with your existing services easily. Our modular and robust technology comes with all the tech documentation you need, as well as professional services.

Build your in-house knowledge teams

No one knows your SMB clients better than you. Your team can harness their strong ties with your customer base and deep familiarity with the services you already offer to create seamless cross-sell and upsell processes.

Committed to your success

Our team is with you every step of the way, providing assistance and access to useful resources such as white-labeled marketing assets and sales Team certification. You will work hand-in-hand with your dedicated account manager who understands and works towards your business goals.
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How inTandem Pro works

How inTandem Pro works

How inTandem Pro works

We support you along the way


Our inTandem team will make sure your sales and customer success teams are fully trained and have everything they need to convert and adopt users successfully.

inTandem Pro training
inTandem marketing materials

Access to materials

The team of inTandem experts will provide personalized and branded materials to support your funnel, from landing pages, brochures, and emails, to presentations and webinars.

Support & Account Management

A dedicated account manager will support your team to work towards your business goals. inTandem team will also provide support training, as well as tier 2 and 3 support.

inTandem support and success

See how an inTandem Pro partner increased their revenue by 26%

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  • What types of organizations choose the inTandem Pro program?

    inTandem Pro partners are organizations that prefer to own their Go To Market Process and manage all SMB client interactions on their end. This program is ideal for companies that have vast experience in launching SaaS solutions, selling them, and providing support to SMB customers.
  • How is inTandem Pro different from inTandem Complete?

    The inTandem Pro program includes full access to our technology, as well as guidance and best practices provided along the way. The inTandem Complete program is a full-service program that includes many managed services provided by the inTandem team. With inTandem Complete, the inTandem team will be responsible for many aspects of the partner’s strategy and execution, such as Go To Market, demand generation, sales and support to SMB clients, and more.
  • Can I move between programs?

    Yes, after your team has gained the know-how and is up and running changes to the program can be made, in liaison with the inTandem partner’s team. Some of our partners choose to start with the inTandem Complete program, to shorten the time to market and allow their teams to learn along the way.
  • What is the commercial model?

    To learn more about our pricing and commercial models, please contact our dedicated team of partnership experts.
  • How many SMB clients do I need in order to join the program?

    inTandem Pro and inTandem Complete are designed for organizations that serve tens of thousands of SMBs. Organizations with smaller SMB client bases (such as several hundreds) are welcome to check out out Xperts program, designs for mid-market partners.

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