Digital agency partnership program

Expand your SMB offering and grow your marketing company

Add inTandem’s value-added digital tools to your small business portfolio. Our white-label business management platform helps you gain and retain more clients and increase your revenue along the way.

Digital marketing companies solution

The complete business management solution for your SMB clients

Offer your clients all the digital tools they need to automate daily tasks and grow their business. Tried and tested. Loved by business owners.

Small business solution
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Simplify & automate

Help SMBs get more bookings with online scheduling and calendar management.

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Better cash flow

Offer seamless payment processing and generate revenue through transactions.

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Easy marketing

Provide your SMB clients with the marketing tools they need to convert leads and generate more business.

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Increased profitability

Give your clients a comprehensive view of their financial performance, helping them make more informed decisions and improve profitability.

Why agencies choose to add
inTandem to their solution portfolio

We’ve been collaborating with digital marketing agencies, SaaS brands, and directories for over a decade. In that time, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and what clients really need. And we’ve built all that experience into inTandem.

Quick go-to-market

Your brand front and center

Seamless integration
Sales enablement and marketing support

Robust and modular technology

Increase ARPA and unlock more revenue opportunities

Ready for a real revenue boost? Expand your SMB offering to recurring and rewarding opportunities.

Marketing agencies increase ARPA

Subscription model

Add a new source of recurring revenue by selling inTandem as a standalone offer, or bundle with existing services.

Payment processing

Empower your clients with payment collection tools and monetize on payment processing fees.

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In-app purchases

Enhance your clients’ experience with popular business apps through the inTandem app market.

Your business. Your offering. Your way.

Gain complete control of pricing, packaging and customer experience with our fully flexible partnership models. If you want to win in your market, you’ll want inTandem.

Product personalization options
White label CRM solution

Create integrated and seamless experiences

Imagine. A single engagement hub for all your SMB clients. Your branding. Your USP. And all your solutions and third-party integrations, effortlessly part of our modular, flexible platform.
Integrate inTandem with your existing marketing services, such as:

  • Website builders
  • Review management solutions
  • Social media tools
  • Listings & directories
  • SEO solutions

How it works

Built around your business needs

Start Small

Add our platform as a plug & play solution to your offering. Bundle the business management solution with your existing marketing services to add extra value to new and existing clients.

Create your version

Integrate your own or third-party services, such as websites, review and social media management, expand the platform’s capabilities and create your own unique version of inTandem.

Use our experience

Leverage our tried-and-tested technology and go to market quickly and efficiently. Our partnership team and open API platform are with you every step of the way.

What agency partners say about inTandem

Be the source of SMB success

Complete business solution for SMBs

Offer even more value to your clients and become even more essential to their business.

  • Convert leads into customers
  • Build and nurture relationships
  • Make payments simple
  • Increase productivity
  • Grow their bottom line

Give your clients the 360 support they need

Add inTandem to your SMB portfolio and naturally expand your services from lead gen to conversion.


Turn client websites and social profiles into powerful lead gen machines with customizable widgets.


Help clients store and manage relevant customer information with advanced CRM features.


Give your SMBs the communication and automation tools they need to convert leads and drive loyalty.


  • How can inTandem benefit my SMB clients?

    With inTandem’s core business management solution, SMBs enjoy better-organized and highly productive workdays. They are able to significantly reduce administrative overhead, and streamline payment collection, helping them win more businesses and build financial resilience.
  • How can inTandem benefit our marketing company?

    Digital marketing agencies and companies leverage the inTandem platform to expand their SMB proposition and offer their clients a full business management solution that serves the business’s core needs: CRM, billing, time management, and client communication. By delivering such services with their own white labeled solution, our partners enjoy a significant uplift in client engagement and loyalty, reduce churn, and increase ARPA through various upsell paths and product monetization opportunities.
  • Can I integrate inTandem with other services we offer?

    Yes, inTandem integrates seamlessly with various popular apps and platforms through our App market .
    inTandem is built as an open platform and enables partners to easily integrate their own apps and services to create one seamless user experience. Our developer hub offers detailed documentation that helps partners leverage our APIs to build their own unique solutions. Many inTandem partners integrate and serve their own apps within inTandem’s core business management solution, increasing adoption of digital products and diversifying revenue.
  • Can you help us with sales, marketing, and support?

    Our team of experts provides comprehensive support to our marketing partners from marketing and sales enablement to training and support services. Our goal is to empower your teams with the necessary resources and tools to succeed. We offer a range of marketing assets designed to drive conversions, sales enablement resources to support your sales efforts, and training programs that equip your teams with the skills and confidence needed to effectively sell inTandem’s SaaS solution. Read more

More than just a technology partner

Be indispensable to your small business clients. With the platform built for success.