inTandem Pro

Expand your SMB offering with our platform and take it to market with your own skilled teams.

inTandem Complete

Build your solution on our platform and take it to market fully managed by our team of professionals.

Which program is best for me?

inTandem Pro

inTandem Complete

Best for

Organizations with teams experienced in selling and supporting SaaS products.

Organizations that serve SMBs looking to expand their offering with SaaS products


As an inTandem Pro partner, you will build your solutions with inTandem’s technology, and own all aspects of the Go To Market as well as sales & services to your SMB clients.

As an inTandem Complete partner, you will build your own solution with inTandem’s technology, and enjoy a full-service partnership package. The inTandem team will join forces with your own, and co-pilot your Go To Market, taking a hands-on approach and servicing your SMB clients on your behalf.

Leverage the expandable inTandem platform to build your own unique solution

Available in both plans

Packaging and pricing
Planning your Go To Market strategy

Build your own Go To Market strategy, with advice and best practices from the inTandem team.

The Intandem team will work hand-in-hand with your business leaders to craft a packaging and pricing strategy aligned with your business goals.

Introducing your new solution to the market, creating interest and demand.

Access to materials and templates

The inTandem team will build a complete marketing funnel to help you create a buzz and build a pipeline. Including assets such as landing pages, email drips, sales materials, online events, and more.

Selling your solution to your SMB clients.

The inTandem team will provide professional sales training and certification to your sales teams.

Our experienced sales representatives will become familiar with your target audiences and proposition and sell the solution on your behalf, under your brand name.

Onboarding & Ongoing Success
Support your SMB clients throughout their journey, from the initial onboarding until full adoption and beyond.

The inTandem team will provide professional training, enabling your Customer Success team to support your users throughout their journey.

Our experienced Customer Success managers will onboarding your users on your behalf, and support their needs throughout their entire adoption process.

Technical Support
Providing technical assistance to your SMB clients.

Your support team will receive training. Enabling them to handle tier-one support tickets.
Tier two tickets will be escalated to the inTandem team and handled according to your SLA.

The inTandem team will handle all support tickets on your behalf.

In-Product Education
Ongoing adoption & educational campaigns, ensuring your users leverage the solution to its fullest extent.

Service available in both plans

Billing SMB Clients
Digital billing for SMB clients.

The inTandem platform enables digital billing for subscriptions and add-ons such as apps and consumables.
This option is available with both plans

Measuring process, identifying trends and tracking goals.

Gain access to standard dashboards, and use taps to build your own reports

Access advanced dashboard customized to your evolving business goals, and meet with the inTandem team regularly to discuss insights and suggestions for future progress.

Designated account manager
At your side at all times

A designated Accounts Manager will meet with your team regularly for weekly check-ins, QBRs, and serve as your main point of contact for all things inTandem.

This service is provided to partners on both plans.

Partner Portal

All partners gain access to a designated partner portal for account management, provisioning, and more.

Tech Portal and Documentation

All partners gain access to the inTandem developers hub, offering detailed documentation and technical resources for development teams.

Which program is best for me?

Want to understand which program suits your business best?

Want to understand which program suits your business best?