Mid-market partner program

Engage your clients and unlock new revenue

Discover vcita’s xperts program, empowering business consultants, coaches, and website agencies to boost the success of their SMB clients. Designed for businesses servicing a compact customer base with fewer than a hundred customers.

The all-in-one solution your SMB clients will love


With a powerful CRM designed for SMBs, your clients will build better relationships with their customer base, streamline their communication and access customer files anywhere.


Productive workdays start with organized calendars and effective scheduling. With tools to manage their appointments and meetings, your clients will save precious time and focus on what matters.


Help your clients get paid on time with a wide selection of billing tools they can choose from: from digital invoices, to online processing, to automated billing and subscriptions. Provide your SMBs with the means to get paid.


Introduce your clients to simple marketing tools that will help them generate more business and increase their bottom line. vcita makes marketing easy for SMBs, with great templates for emails and SMS marketing.

App MArket

Invite clients to discover a world of integrations with other popular tools and add-ons. The vcita app market helps SMBs connect their favorite tools to each other to ensure maximum efficiency and continuous workflows.

Trusted and loved by small businesses

vcita’s complete business management solution is used daily by more than 150,000 businesses worldwide. Easy-to-use and accessible from any device.

Who is this program best for?

Website builders

Turn your websites into lead-capturing machines that will generate more business for your clients, and better results for you. Turn short-term projects into long-term relationships by serving your clients beyond web building.


Help your clients capture, nurture, and convert more leads by providing them with the tools they need to book more business and get paid on time. Grow your proposition beyond lead generation and outshine your competitors.

Other SMB service providers

vcita is a valuable addition to any SMB proposition. Whether you offer consulting services, general IT, or any other service, vcita can help you shape a unique SMB proposition that will drive engagement and boost revenues.

How it works


Start promoting

Promote vcita on your website and marketing channels, getting your clients interested.


Onboard clients

Clients can be onboarded by you, or by our dedicated team of experts.


Enjoy increased engagement

Watch as your clients become adopted and fully engaged in the solution.


Gain revenue

Collect your revenue share on subscription sales and enjoy a source of recurring revenue.

Why partner?

Give your SMB clients the tools they need to succeed

Provide great value to your clients and boost their success with the tools that help them grow. Become an integral part of every workday and a driver of their success.

Build long-lasting relationships

Increase loyalty and reduce churn with a solution your clients will use daily. Most SMBs using vcita will access the platform 6 to 8 times daily on average.

Showcase your results

If you’re in the business of making your clients succeed, vcita will help you show off your hard work! vcita will highlight the business growth you’ve generated for your clients, making you truly indispensable.

We provide everything you need to become a successful Xperts partner!

Marketing Kit

Access a library of banners, one pagers, and email templates you can use to generate interest and build a pipeline

Sales material

Get sales pitches, cheatsheets, and battle cards that will help your sales team sell vcita like pros!

Personal assistance

Need help selling your first accounts? Our professional sales team is here to support your sales efforts and join your team as needed.

Your clients are in good hands

We’ll handle post-sale customer onboarding to make sure your clients discover the solution to its fullest extent.

Ongoing nurturing

We stay in touch with SMBs, sharing useful tips, product updates, and content to encourage full adoption.


  • What kind of commission will I get?

    We offer our Xperts partners a revenue share on all subscription sales, helping them develop a source of recurring revenue. Please contact our partnership specialist team to learn more.
  • Will I gain access to marketing and sales materials?

    As an Xperts partner, you will gain access to a library of marketing materials you can use to generate interest and build a pipeline.
  • Does the program cost money?

    To join the program, all you’ll need is to purchase an annual Xperts subscription, which will also give you access to a vcita account you can use for your own business, and leverage it for demo purposes. Once you have sold over 3K in annual recurring revenue, this fee will be waived.
  • How and when will I receive my commission?

    Our partners receive their commission monthly, deposited straight to their bank account.
  • I have more than 500 clients, is there a program for me?

    This program is built for organizations serving up to 500 clients. If you cater to a larger customer base, please check out our referral program or inTandem, our platform partnership program.

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