Bring the power of AI to your SMBs

Our built-in AI assistant provides personalized recommendations, insights, and content generation for SMBs – based on their data. Fully integrated into their workday, for intuitive access and quick adoption.


Be a leader in tech with an AI offering

Data accessible

Make data actionable

Provide something only AI can give: actionable recommendations your SMB clients can really use to grow their business.

Boost revenue

Enhance your clients’ productivity

Give your clients the gift of streamlined workdays and up to a 66% increase in performance.

One platform

Offer it all under one platform

BizAI is fully integrated into inTandem’s complete business management platform, allowing you to provide best-in-class solutions to your SMB clients.

How will SMBs benefit from BizAI?

BizAI serves as an on-demand business advisor, ready to provide strategic business advice and support everyday tasks.

Tailored business advice

BizAI leverages real-world data, combined with data that is specific to each business (exclusively available on our platform), to offer highly customized advice. SMBs can use BizAI to optimize the pricing of their services, expand their target audience, launch new services, and more.

Deep insights

With BizAI, SMBs can gain a bird’s eye view of their business, identify growth opportunities and recognize areas that require improvement. BizAI delivers actionable data and serves personalized recommendations that encourage immediate action.

Smart content generation

SMBs can use BizAI to generate marketing content customized to their industry and service type, and based on the performance of previous marketing campaigns. With smarter professional marketing assets, SMBs are empowered to convert more leads and create more opportunities with their existing customer base.

The most complete AI-driven business management platform

AI platform

Plugged-in to SMB data
BizAI delivers highly personalized recommendations using the business’ data
found on the account.

BizAI offers AI-based assistance in real-time, based on user activity, providing contextual help to users while they work on related tasks.

Fully integrated
BizAI assists is accessible within our business management solution, and does not require opening or logging into a separate solution.

Prompt library
SMBs can browse a library of prompts to get inspired and find more questions to ask BizAI.

Our clients say it best

Olga Ward

“Outside AI wouldn’t know how to help me with my content, where with vcita it can just draw from my existing content. It’s convenient in-house option like already knows what I have. It can draw upon what I have established so far, so I don’t have to reintroduce my information”

Olga Ward

Neurofeedback practitioner Beaverton Neurofeedback

Sherri Fisher

“I liked that it gave suggestions that you could just click and go”

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP

Coach/Author/Speaker Learn and Flourish

Carla Stover

“It’s confirming that the moves I’m making are correct. Instead of me having to hire somebody that’s gonna cost me thousands of dollars to tell me that my strategies are correct or incorrect. This is letting me do it in a Split Second. And it’s giving me the correct information.”

Carla Stover

President & CEO Royal Mystic LLC.