Actionable Insights

Know your SMB clients better with inTandem insights

Identify new business opportunities and churn risk with actionable insights aggregated in our business management platform.

Act on insightful, aggregated SMB data

Act on insightful, aggregated SMB data

Revenue growth opportunities

Identify and leverage upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Promote personalized and contextual products or services based on real-time inTandem data.

SMB Health

Gain a deeper understanding of your small business clients

Gain insights into how different businesses operate and identify your top-tier clients. Take advantage of your clients’ business management platform and predict their needs and understand customer-centric insights.

Adoption tracker

Monitor your user adoption and identify potential churn

Boost client engagement and minimize churn by closely monitoring evolving growth patterns, such as client growth, financial insights, and future schedules. Empower your customer success team with real-time alerts on accounts displaying potential indications of churn.

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