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Reducing SMB churn and improving customer satisfaction

By partnering with vcita, TPG has streamlined their small business clients’ operations, helping them focus on revenue-bringing activities and increasing client satisfaction. 

SBTPG’s strategic partnership to support small businesses

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Santa Barbara TPG recognized the need to expand its service offerings. They were on a quest to find a partner who could not only provide a solution but become an integral part of their growth strategy. In this testimonial, Ryan Melius shares how vcita and its inTandem offering became SBTPG’s trusted partner, transforming the way they serve the underserved SMB market comprising taxpayers and tax professionals across the United States.

Expanding service offerings

Santa Barbara TPG aimed to broaden its service portfolio to better serve small businesses and tax professionals. The challenge was not just to find a product but to identify a comprehensive solution that could address their unique requirements. They needed a partner that could not only offer all of the necessary digital tools in one platform but also provide unwavering support, from onboarding to product usage and promotion.

Empowering small businesses

vcita’s white-label platform – inTandem- emerged as the answer to TPG’s needs. This comprehensive solution is now being offered as Marketing Pro under SBTPG’s brand, empowering their small business clients by relieving them of administrative tasks such as reminders and client communications. With the platform handling these tasks, small businesses can focus on revenue generation while ensuring their clients remain engaged and happy.

A true partner who understands SMB challenges

vcita didn’t merely offer a product; they became a guiding partner for Santa Barbara Tax Product’s Group. They provided invaluable insights and unwavering support throughout the partnership, from helping with product onboarding to offering strategic input on product promotion.

vcita really comprehends and caters to the unique challenges faced by small business owners. Their proactive approach significantly reduced churn and enhanced customer satisfaction throughout TPG’s organization. vcita really provides end-to-end support, for TPG’s Marketing Pro clients, as well as provides guidance and coaching to the SBTPG team on how to promote the product and make it a success.

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About Santa Barbara TPG

Santa Barbara TPG is a leading provider of tax-related financial products and services serving consumers and small businesses nationwide, offering a range of valuable resources to support their growth and success. Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) became a Green Dot company in 2014.

About Ryan Melius

Ryan Melius is the Senior Marketing Director at Santa Barbara TPG, where he leads innovative marketing strategies that drive growth. With over a decade of experience, Ryan combines market insights and creative expertise to enhance brand presence and revenue.