Telco partnership for SMBs

Higher ARPU.
Deeper relationships.

Empower your SMB clients and diversify your solution portfolio with value-added digital tools that complement your core telco services.
Create a sound offering for your SMB clients with inTandem’s business management and productivity tools.

Why telcos love inTandem

Portfolio expansion

Enhance your portfolio with a business management solution that complements your telco services.

New revenue opportunities

Leverage the inTandem platform to cross and upsell your services and enhance their discoverability and consumption.

Competitive edge

Win the SMB market and set yourself apart from other telco providers with a unique value-adding offering, built for small businesses.

Brand awareness

Grow your brand’s presence with a sticky solution that your SMB clients use to manage their business. Daily.

Designed for your SMB client needs

One intuitive platform. Built for how real SMBs do real business.

Boosted efficiency

Forget the expense and energy of managing multiple tools and platforms. Now your clients can consolidate all of their operations into one single app.

Enhanced productivity

Help clients track their business health, monitor performance, spot opportunities and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Increased profitability

Give your clients a comprehensive view of their financial performance, helping them with their decision making and their improve profitability.

A seamless user experience, made simple

InTandem couldn’t be more flexible. Fit your own solutions and third-party integrations easily into the modular platform. And create a unique SMB offering with the exact solutions your clients need to thrive.

A complete partners tool kit

Account management

Create account templates, clone accounts, import data via API, and impersonate accounts with a dedicated account management platform.

Reporting and Insights

Track performance, product usage, adoption and ARPU, with an intuitive dashboard. Gain insight with data taps that allow you to build your own reports.

Multi-language platform

Fully localized solution that serves users worldwide. Our platform is currently available in 11 different languages and can be easily localized into additional languages.

Industry support

Our platform can be verticalized to support a variety of industries, specific occupations and professions, to best service your clients.

Content portal

Our partners get access to curated training materials, personalized or white labeled assets and additional marketing materials.

Technical documentation

We make working together as easy as it gets with detailed technical documentation, a complete developer hub and a design system.

More than just a technology partner

Be indispensable to your small business clients. With the platform built for success.