SME banking and fintech partnerships

Empower your SME clients beyond banking

Expand your SME portfolio with inTandem’s value-adding digital tools that support your small business clients in their business growth. Be the driving force of your SME clients’ success.

SME banking platform

Why banks and financial
institutions love inTandem

Portfolio expansion

Enhance your portfolio with a business management solution that helps expand your core banking services.

Data insights

Gain invaluable insights from data-rich reports that will help you personalize offers and serve embed finance experiences.

Increase revenue

Leverage the inTandem platform to unleash new cross and upsell opportunities. Personalized to your SME’s needs.

Competitive edge

Win the SME market and set yourself apart from other financial institutions with a unique value-adding offering, built for small businesses.

Brand awareness

Grow your brand’s presence with a sticky solution that your SME clients use to manage their business. Daily.

Cross-sell opportunities

Promote more of your banking services, such as business loans and credit cards, based on your SME clients’ needs.

Beyond banking services

Win the SME market with a unique ecosystem

Capture new clients and retain existing ones by expanding your offering beyond traditional financial and core banking services. SMEs require more than just financial assistance to foster their growth and achieve success. Incorporate critical and personalized business services and create a unified platform. It’s your competitive edge – and key to increasing your profit margin and lead the SME market.

Become a one-stop-shop for small businesses

Flexible and intuitive, inTandem enhances your existing offering, making what you already have work so much better. Keep your hard-earned small business clients close, by offering a sticky solution that helps them succeed. From you, as their trusted advisor.

One stop shop for small businesses
Banking solution for SMEs

Get closer than ever to your clients

Your core banking services might bring in the clients. But keeping – and developing them – demands something more. Stand out from the rest with a strong ecosystem that builds onto of your banking relationship.

Be the trusted advisor your SME clients need

Expand your customer relationships with integrated services that will get you embedded in the day-to-day activity of small businesses. Integrate your native payment services into inTandem and stand out from the competition.

FIs as trusted advisors to SMEs

Become indispensable to your SME clients

Be much more than banking

Your clients need to digitize to win in a digital world. Be the one that helps them do it, with a core digital experience built with small businesses in mind.

Meet their ever-changing needs

Leverage your banking relationship to add value in brand new ways; offering personalized solutions that are tailored to their day-to-day needs.

The right offer at the right time

Create a unified ecosystem that allows you to identify new up and cross-sell opportunities. So they’ll get the most value from each service when they most need it.

Why SMB clients love inTandem

No more juggling multiple tools, platforms and subscriptions. Intuitive inTandem is the complete business management solution that’s built for what SMBs really need.

Simplify icon

Simplify & automate

Help SMBs get more bookings with online scheduling and calendar management.

Cash icon

Better cash flow

Offer seamless payment processing and generate revenue through transactions.

Report icon

Easy marketing

Provide your SME clients with the marketing tools they need for converting leads and generating more business.

Money icon

Increased profitability

Give your clients a comprehensive view of their financial performance, helping them make more informed decisions and improve profitability.

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  • Do you provide marketing and sales enablement, as well as support?

    Our team of experts provides comprehensive support to our financial partners from marketing and sales enablement to training and support services. Our goal is to empower your teams with the necessary resources and tools to succeed. We offer a range of marketing assets designed to drive conversions, sales enablement resources to support your sales efforts, and training programs that equip your teams with the skills and confidence needed to effectively sell inTandem’s SaaS solution.
  • Which languages is inTandem available in?

    Currently inTandem is available in 11 different languages and can be easily be localized into additional languages, according to our banking partners’ needs.
  • Can we integrate inTandem with our banking app?

    inTandem is built as an open platform and enables our banking and financial institution partners to easily integrate their own apps and services to create one seamless user experience. Our developer hub offers detailed documentation that helps partners leverage our APIs to build their own unique solutions. Many banks and FIs integrate with and serve their own apps within inTandem’s core business management solution, increasing adoption of digital products and diversifying revenue.
  • Do you offer customer support, sales, and marketing services to partner clients?

    inTandem is designed to support a wide range of SMBs and cover a broad spectrum of use cases. Many of the platform’s users are service providers and appointment based businesses, such as home services providers, finance & legal professionals, healthcare & wellness practitioners, coaches & consultants, beauty salons, fitness businesses and more. Many elements of the platform are customized according to the user’s profession and workflows, making vcita a vertical-agnostic business management solution.

Want to win the SME market?

The right technology. The right experience. It’s why financial institutions and SME banks love partnering with inTandem.