Professional services

We take great pride in serving the SMB community, the backbone of our economy, by providing tools that help them optimize their everyday. Our teams are trained to support our partners’ SMB customers throughout their lifecycle: from sales to customer success and support. These teams are available to provide services to partner users on behalf of the partner.

General overview

  • Who will deliver services to the end users?

    inTandem offers a flexible partnership module that enables partners to define their level of ownership over customer-facing services: Sales, Support, and Customer Success.
    Some partners chose to manage the relationships with their SME customers independently (based on training provided by vcita), while others opt to leverage inTandem’s expertise and source our internal team to cover these areas on their behalf.
    Partners may also choose a hybrid option, where some of the responsibilities are assigned to inTandem, and others to partner teams. For example, assigning all Customer Success & Support responsibilities to inTandem, while managing the Sales process on their end.
    No matter which model you choose, the inTandem team stands ready to support your needs and help you build a process that best serves you and your SME customers.
  • What kind of professional services are available?

    inTandem offers the following suite of services:

    User onboarding & communication


    Customer Success

    User support

    Custom development

User onboarding

  • How are users onboarded?

    In-Product Guides:
    Upon logging into their account for the first time, users will be presented with a step-by-step onboarding checklist that includes a series of wizards guiding them through the initial configuration of all modules. This checklist ensures that users complete actions such as importing their client list, setting up their list of services, connecting to a payment gateway, and more. The goal of this onboarding process is to help the user complete the setup and provide “aha-moments” that showcase the solution’s value.

    Onboarding Email Drip:
    In addition to the in-product onboarding experience, users will receive a series of emails over the course of 14 days. These emails encourage the user to log into the app, discover more functionality, and complete the setup process.

    1:1 Onboarding Calls:
    In some cases, users will be offered a 45-minute call with a customer success representative. During this call, the Customer Success agent will gather information on the user’s business workflow and assist the user with any necessary customizations.
  • How long does it take to complete the onboarding process?

    The onboarding process is quick and efficient, taking only a few hours to complete. Our standard for successful onboarding is measured against the following criteria:

    “Initial adoption”:
    We aim for users to have a basic understanding of the solution within 30 days.

    “Full adoption”:
    We strive for users to achieve complete familiarity with the solution within 90 days.

User communication

  • Will inTandem directly communicate with my users?

    inTandem provides a complete set of user communication tools that are white-labeled and tailored to encourage user adoption, ensuring that they leverage the solution to its fullest potential.
  • What kind of communication will be sent?

    Communication sent within the first few weeks will encourage users to explore different features and complete the setup process.

    Users will receive ongoing communication that recommends additional features and use cases. This communication is designed to drive user engagement and introduce more advanced use cases.

    Users will also receive communication that highlights premium features and applications that can be installed as add-ons. Partners can leverage this capability to raise awareness of their own apps or services.
  • Which channels are leveraged for used communication?

    The platform leverages multiple channels to ensure the user remains engaged. Our main channels for user-facing communication are in-product messages, emails, and mobile push notifications.


  • Who will manage the sales process?

    inTandem works hand-in-hand with partner teams to build and continually optimize a successful sales process, and offers the following sales models:

    Partner-led sales:
    Partners can choose to leverage their own sales teams to manage their solution’s sales process. In this case, partner teams will receive a full training program delivered by inTandem’s partner enablement team. Read more about inTandem’s partner sales training here.

    inTandem-led sales:
    Alternatively, partners can choose to leverage inTandem’s professional services team to sell their solution to their target market on their behalf.
  • Customer Success

    The Customer Success team has a proven ability to accelerate the adoption of the product, significantly reducing churn rates. According to our internal monitoring, users leveraging the Customer Success services are 3X more likely to reach a high level of product adoption and renewal in comparison to users who do not leverage these services. These high levels of adoption significantly rescue the risk of churn and increase customer LTV, as well as the probability of upsell.
  • Who is eligible for this service?

    Some partners choose to offer these services to all accounts across the board. While others choose to limit this service to SME clients identified according to pre-set criteria (Eg. selected package, business size, GEO, etc).
    Since this service has proven to positively impact SME adoption rates, we recommend offering it to a wide audience.
  • How are these engagements initiated?

    The Customer Success team may actively approach eligible users through a designated email drip and proactive phone calls.
    The team also includes a CSDR (Customer Success Development Representative) who calls users and offers them to assist with booking their Customer Success call.
  • Who will deliver the Customer Success services?

    inTandem collaborates with partner teams to establish an effective customer success strategy

    Partner-led Customer Success:
    Partners have the option to utilize their own teams to handle the sales process for their solution. inTandem’s partner enablement team provides comprehensive training for partner teams.

    vcita-led customer success:

    A second option is for partners to have inTandem’s professional services team deliver this service on their behalf.


  • How can users get help?

    A user onboarding wizard that accelerates adoption, and demonstrates immediate value within the onboarding process.

    Resource center:
    The inTandem resource center offers a wide range of educational articles and how-to guides that help end-users become familiar with the app’s core functionality. Links to the resource center can be found within the platform.

    Support team:
    inTandem’s customer support team is available to assist partner’s clients Monday – Friday between the hours of 7am – 4pm PT and accepts tickets submitted via a contact form or email. The team also handles chat & phone support during limited hours.

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