FCR Media Testimonial

Helping FCR’s clients thrive in a digital landscape

FCR Media has expanded its service offering, driving value to its small business clients by partnering with vcita. 

FCR Media brings value to the Belgian SMB market

FCR Media set out to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape with the launch of vcita’s white-labeled platform under the name: Sitee. Bart van der Heijden, Chief Technology Officer at FCR Media, underscores the mission and the added value the solution brings to their small business clients:

“We help our customers save time, become more efficient, and attract more customers. So they can focus on the interaction with the customer.”.

Finding the right partner

Through a meticulous evaluation process, which included an RFP, FCR Media sought a partner with a demonstrated success record and an open platform approach. The goal was clear – to find a technology partner that not only met their technology needs but also brought the experience and know-how on how to market the solution. 

Caroline Reuland, FCR

“vcita is more than just a technical collaboration partner. They go above and beyond, sharing know-how and equipping us with powerful tools that make a significant impact on our business”.

Unleashing client satisfaction

With vcita’s inTandem platform, FCR Media witnessed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and a reduction in churn rates. vcita’s team of experts has been working in hand-in-hand with the Sitee team to deliver value to their customers, through customer support, marketing and technology questions.

The strategic alliance between FCR Media and vcita not only expanded service offerings but also laid the foundation for a dynamic, mutually beneficial relationship, empowering small and medium enterprises in their journey towards digital excellence.

“It really feels like a part of the extended team that we have in the launch of the Sitee product”.

FCR Media

About FCR Media

FCR Media is the largest digital marketing agency for SMEs and the self-employed in the Benelux. FCR Media has years of experience in the SME market with a team of experts that brings a full range of digital marketing solutions to the belgian market. FCR Media has around 20,000 small business clients they serve. 

Bart van der Hejden

About Bart van der Heijden

Bart van der Heijden is CTO as FCR Media, responsible for the Technology & Marketing department. Bart has a degree in computer science from Eindhoven University of Technology and an MBA from Vlerick Business School. Bart is a huge fan of transformation and brings that into his current position.

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