vcita has always empowered small businesses (SMBs) through technology – making an impact on the way they do business and helping them digitalize their day-to-day operations.

In our 13 years of experience, we’ve learned that the best way to achieve this is by working with organizations that share the same vision of serving the underserved SMB community. It is through our partnerships with marketing companies, telcos, fintechs and banks, other SaaS companies, and distributors that we can empower SMBs to thrive.

In order to enable partners to expand their SMB offering by bringing their own business management solution under their brand to the market, we launched inTandem by vcita in July of 2023. An initiative that allows our partners to take center stage and bring their unique solution to market under their own brand.

But we knew we could do even better.

Recently, we expanded inTandem into two tracks, allowing our partners to choose the program that best fits their business goals. These two separate offerings each have their own benefits and enable our partners to choose a flexible program that fully suits their needs.

inTandem Pro vs. inTandem Complete

Both programs serve to enable organizations serving SMBs to propel small business digitalization and innovation, however, each offers its own unique proposition giving partners and prospects a better chance to succeed based on their business goals.

InTandem Pro enables partners to leverage our technology and bring their own SMB solution to market independently, managing the entire Go-To-Market and sales process. inTandem Complete includes a full suite of services, inviting partners to leverage more than just the inTandem technology. With inTandem Complete, our team of experts will serve as an extension of a partner’s team, co-piloting the entire go-to-market process, from pricing and packaging to selling and supporting their SMB clients on their behalf.

inTandem Complete vs. inTandem Pro

This means that with inTandem Complete, our partners get Customer Success (CS), Marketing, Sales, and Tech Support as a service. Our agents and experts will sell and support our partners’ SMB clients on their behalf, providing the answers along with unparalleled service.

Why the need for a new offering?

We noticed over time that partners who use our CS and Sales teams experience accelerated growth and success as well as the ability to scale up and down as needed, so we wanted to make it an official part of our offering.

We also realized many partners prefer to leverage our expertise and enjoy a risk-free launch process. After years in the business, we understood that launching a new solution requires an investment of time and resources in training teams, building new processes, and creating new workflows. To help our partners carry this burden, we bring our marketing, sales, and customer success teams to manage the entire process on behalf of our partners, which helps partners go to market faster and enjoy great ROI shortly after launching.

Finally, we often get interest from prospective partners who are intrigued by starting out with our experienced teams so they can launch quickly, learn the optimal workflows, and then eventually hire their own once they scale up.

We needed a solution that would enable our partners to achieve results faster while taking on fewer risks.

inTandem Complete goals for our partners

The goal of inTandem Complete is to offer a more flexible and comprehensive proposition to our partners, which will help them succeed faster and more seamlessly.

Our goal for our partners is threefold:

  1. We want our partners to go-to-market faster as well as scale up successfully at their pace.
  2. We want to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience that we’ve gathered over the last 13 years bringing SaaS to the SMB market and offer it to our partners.
  3. We want to make our partner offering more accessible to companies that couldn’t sell SaaS prior due to lack of available resources or lack of experience selling SaaS.

These three goals shaped the way we put inTandem Complete together and created a lucrative offering, suitable for every business serving SMBs.

inTandem Complete in action

A good example we have of inTandem Complete in action is our partnership with Santa Barbara TPG, a leading tax solution provider in the US. SBTPG was looking for an all-in-one solution that would better serve their target market of tax professionals and experienced a decrease in churn and an increase in sales when partnering with vcita.

Currently, SBTPG is offering vcita’s platform integrated with their existing offering as a solution called “Marketing Pro”, enabling their small business clients to “raise the bar on the level of service to their clients.” (in their words).

This partnership worked out so well because a) their small business clients’ struggles weren’t a surprise to vcita and b) we were able to support SBTPG in their endeavor to perfect their small business tax offering. In an interview with Ryan Melius, Sr. Marketing Director, he had this to say about the partnership: “For us the benefit of working with inTandem Complete is that vcita became an extension of our marketing, our product, our operations team, and our support team.”

Who is inTandem Complete for?

inTandem Complete is perfect for any organization serving small business clients that doesn’t already have a SaaS solution of their own or the available infrastructure to launch a SaaS solution on their own.

For example:

  • Marketing agencies that sell websites
  • Financial organizations that sell financial products
  • Telco companies that sell traditional connectivity products
  • Any company serving the SMB marketing: hardware, HR companies, insurance, consultative services etc.

inTandem Complete: A new journey of security and growth for our partners

Serving partners is not new to our business, now it became the core of what we do . With inTandem Complete our partners can scale faster, access our expert insights in the SMB market, and mitigate the risks associated with implementing a SaaS solution. Using our technology was only the beginning. Now it’s time to use our experience throughout the entire user journey: from introduction to the market to fully utilizing the solution.

We look forward to what this new proposition will bring our partners and their small business clients. Find out more about inTandem Complete here.